Thursday, September 30, 2010 the rain!

Hey Everyone!
This is Julie. I am working on creating this blog site for Rebecca, Trent, and Claire. The hope would be either Rebecca or some one in the family can access this and give updates about everything that is happening. As many of you know, this has been a very trying time but are growing in our faith and in our love as a family. Rebecca has been at Duke Children's Hospital since Wednesday. She went into premature labor in New Bern and took a LONG ride in an ambulance to Duke. Since then she has been on a roller coaster of emotions. Everyone has been so kind to us. All the doctors and nurses have been wonderful! To make a long, long story short...the doctors did 2 procedures late this afternoon to reduce the fluid around Claire and to reduce the size of the cyst on Claire's liver. This has seemed to help ease Rebecca's contractions and pain. The magnesium is making her very swollen, sick, and kinda out of it. They are hoping to have her off that soon but they are being conservative because the ultimate goal is that the contractions stop and that Claire stays put. Claire's heart condition is the same. It seems that the liver cyst was the urgent issue today.

 Anita and Trent are with Rebecca tonight and then plan to go back to New Bern tomorrow. We hope the flooding in New Bern and surrounding areas STOPS so that Dad and Phillip can make it to Duke tomorrow and see Rebecca. Dad said they've had 16-20 inches of rain today! Phillip's neighborhood has water standing up to his knees!

We will keep ya posted when visits make sense. Rebecca isn't going anywhere anytime soon!
One of the most beautiful parts of the day was on the way home when we saw the most vibrant rainbow! It was awesome!