Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

Here are a few more Halloween pictures!
A good one of all the kids at Jack's party!

Trunk or Treat

She found the piano!

Trunk or Treat with Granny's bag of Nerds

Getting some candy as she runs through the parking lot.

Claire and her buddy Will from preschool

Claire with Ms. Caroline

I am trying to hold her still for a picture with Jack aka Super Why but it wasn't working

Claire with Uncle Phillip and Jackson (she calls him Turkey)

Claire and Miller and Ace (Miller has on his festive tshirt!)

Claire and Aunt Amanda

Picking M&Ms just for Claire

Despite the cold and the meltdown at the end of the night, Claire had a pretty good Halloween!! 
The Scott Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthdays, hunting tournaments, and Halloween parties, oh my!

This past weekend was super busy.  Add in a little Hurricane Sandy and that made it even more crazy.  I mean - really - when has there ever been a hurricane here at the end of October?!? 
Pollocksville Volunteer Fire Department (where Trent is chief) worked really hard all year to plan their biggest fundraiser - the Big Game Hunt.  Of course, a hunting tournament is held outside.  This year, it was held outside in the rain and wind.  Friday wasn't so bad - a good day for hunters.  Claire came out and visited us for a little bit. 


The tournament lasted all day Friday and Saturday, so we were beat after that.  Sunday Claire and I attended Jack's 2nd annual Halloween party.  It gave us something to look forward to in the middle of such a rainy day.  Claire had a blast and was the cutest bumble bee ever. 
Cousins Claire (bumble bee), Connor (Woody from Toy Story), and Anna (fairy princess)

Claire, Anna, Jack (Super Why), and Connor

Seriously - this little stinger on the butt was so cute!

Claire's miracle friend Parker (cutest bat ever!!!)

Best attempt at a group picture

Carrie, Parker, Claire, me

Connor (aka Woody)

Anna and another Toy Story character

She actually let me put the hood on!!!!!  Curls galore!

Friday was Trent's birthday, but since we were at the BGH, we didn't get to celebrate until Sunday evening after the Halloween party. Sunday morning in the rain, we were looking for something fun to do.  We tried going to the mall to run around but it was closed.  So we went to Dollar Tree.  I had read on a friend's blog once that she took her kids to Dollar Tree each year for her husband's birthday and let them pick out a few things - whatever they wanted - to give their dad.  I thought this was hilarious because the things they picked out were so funny!  So I thought I would let Claire do the same.  Whatever she picked up, that was what Trent got. 
As we were walking up to the store, I heard Claire saying "D", "R", etc..   I looked up and realized she was reading the letters off of the Dollar Tree sign!!!!!!  So smart!

She ran through the store and had a blast.  She stopped and picked up 4 things as you see below.  A box of garden vegetable crackers, a paint roller, a bag of dog treats, and a yellow dog squeeky toy.  Trent loved all of his gifts.  Claire almost also picked up a box of dog bones.  She walked by and studied them for a while.  I was beginning to wonder if she was giving us a hint about wanting a dog....

I think this will be our new tradition each year!  Really fun!
Grandma Neat Neat fixed supper for us Sunday night to celebrate.   Claire had helped her the day before fix and decorate Trent's cake.  She helped with the icing and then gave it her "special touch" and added the chocolate Teddy Graham. 
We had a great weekend but were all exhausted when today came around.  Claire's got some sort of cold going on also, so she is battling that.  We are hoping to have more fun with Halloween stuff this week.  Tomorrow at preschool they will celebrate.  Then Wednesday at my parent's church, they will have a Trunk or Treat.  We can't wait!!
The Scott Family

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Claire is saying SO many words lately.  Basically she repeats anything you say.  I have tried to make a list of the words and phrases she says that she actually knows the meaning to and recognizes.  And she speaks some Spanish that she has learned from her play table by herself (as I know no Spanish).

In no particular order with Claire's pronounciation in parenthases:

1.  How are you?  (pronounced how you?)
2.  Claire can count from 1 to 10 and sometimes includes 11 and 12.
3.   Lunch (pronounced wunch)
4.  Supper (suppa)
5.  Breakfast (fa-fast)
6.  High/Amarillo (Spanish)
7.  Hello/Hola
8.  Bye bye
9.  Love you (luh you)
10.  Cracker (cracka)
11. More
12.  Down
13.  Out
14.  Moon (she LOVES the moon and is amazed by it)
15.  Sun (soo-in)
16.  Pig (pik)
17.  Bird
18.  Cat (tat)
19.  Girl (gurwl)
20.  Boy
21.  Bug (bud)
22.  Airplane (ah-pwane - and she can pick them out of the sky)
23.  Baby
24.  Slide (swide)
25.  Swing (swang - like the John Anderson song - it is so country and so cute)
26.  Fire truck (fi twuck)
27.  Bubble
28.  Tractor (twactor)
29.  Bath (bass)
30.  Boat
31.  Green/Verde (Spanish) (reen)
32.  Red (red duh)
33.  Purple (puh pool)
34.  Yellow (yeh yo)
35.  Da Da
36.  Mommy
37.  Sheep (peesh)
38.  Feet (peet)
39.  Hands (ands)
40.  Cow (tow)
41.  Kite (tight)
42.  Fan (pan)
43.  Farmer (pah mar)
44.  Car (coor)
45.  Tree
46.  Tiger (ty dah)
47.  Princess (sin cess - and for Cinderella she says yeh yah)
48.  Lizard (shoes)
49.  Shoes
50.  Hair (she has a new obsession with my hair and touching it and smelling it and putting it on her face.......I know what you are thinking - you do not even have to say anything)
51.  Eyes
52.  Dolphin (fall fin)
53.  Fish
54.  Frog (fog)
55.  Cracker (cwaka)
56.  Thank you
57.  When I yawn, she will say "Shew!"  I must say that a lot after I yawn. 
58.  Spider (pie dah)
59.   Turkey (tur tee)
60.  She can recognize letters like T, S, U, and R

I know I am missing a lot of things she says.  It's so much fun to hear her talking and actually using the words and commands and phrases as she should!  Every morning when I go into her room she exclaims "how you????!!!!"  So sweet. 

The Scott Family

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Party Time

Yesterday, we were able to attend 2 parties!  One to celebrate Ava's 2nd birthday and one to celebrate Halloween.  I didn't take many pictures at Ava's party as I was busy the whole time chasing Claire around the yard.  But we had lots of fun and she actually got inside the bouncy house and liked it!

After a nap, Claire got ready for the Halloween party at the Stimsons.   She was excited!  She even went on the Spooky Trail!  We got more pictures at this party because Daddy was there to man the camera.  They go all out every year and decorate beyond imagination.  I just love it!!!



We had a blast and it wore us all out!  Claire slept until 7:40 am today which is a RECORD!  :)  We need to party more often I guess!
The Scott Family