Saturday, March 31, 2012

A sh!$@y day

It really was not a bad day, but this antibiotic is tearing Claire's little belly up!  I think we have almost been through a whole box of diapers today and I know we went through 3 pairs of PJ pants before 8 am.  :(

But she is such a trooper. We still went to Izzie's birthday party today and had fun!  She was pretty clingy and has had no appetite, but she drank lots of Pedialite and ate cheese doodles. 

Then tonight, the song "Footloose" came on the TV and she busted out in dance.  So even thought she feels like poop (and has had about 10 poopy diapers today too), she doesn't show it. 

Please continue to keep Claire in your prayers for healing and health!

The Scott Family

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poor thing

Last night, Claire, Trent, and I probably all slept about 3 good hours.  That was it.  Claire was up most of the night screaming and crying and tossing and turning.  After finally getting her to sleep around 2 am, she continued to toss and turn.  Up and down.  I figured she may be uncomfortable from her really bad diaper rash or I think/thought she is cutting some teeth. 

This morning her diaper rash was even worse.  I felt terrible for her.  I felt like a bad mom for letting her fuss.  I had given her Motrin twice last night thinking it would help but it didn't. 

My mom texted me about mid-afternoon and said I should make Claire a peds appointment so I did.  I think I felt sicker than her just thinking about having to take her to the doctor.  Don't get me wrong - we LOVE our pediatrician.  It's just that Claire has a complete meltdown every time we go as soon as we walk through the front door.   And the same thing happened again.

I don't know how much she weighed or anything because she was screaming so loudly, I couldn't hear.  But she had a temp of 101.5.  And an ear infection.  Boo.  But she is still in pretty good spirits. 

No wonder she felt so bad.  She's on antibiotics now and hoping that with the prescription strength diaper rash cream makes her feel better quickly.  Please keep Claire in your prayers!!

The Scott Family

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mimi's 80th Birthday

This past weekend, we celebrated Mimi's 80th birthday!  It was a lot of fun to get together and eat some Bojangles and cake and ice cream.  Here are a few pictures from the party!  I know some of them do not fit in the "post boundaries", but I had to make all of them extra large so you could see them!

Mimi and Grandpa shared a small table!

Had to laugh out loud at the faces in this picture!  :)

Playing with Grandpa's chair

You can always find something good to eat in Mimi's refrigerator

The "blob" cake.  But it sure was good!

the sugar free cake that was good too!

Happy Birthday!


Strolling with Mimi

What a milestone birthday! 

The Scott Family

Monday, March 26, 2012


Ways to tell if you are a blogoholic:

- You get weird looks and stares as you take 100 pictures of everything your child does each day knowing you will capture perfect pictures to blog about.  You feel the need to explain to these strangers that you just "love to take pictures of everything!"

- You day dream while driving down the road of what you will title your next blog post, trying to come up with something really catchy.

- You can't wait to blog and read other blogs on your list each day and feel a sense of relief when you do.

- You see people out in public who recognize you from reading your blog and you have no idea who they are, but you are excited that someone really even reads it and cares.

- Some of your newest best friends are ones you have met through your blog and their blog.  And you have never met them in person and probably never will.  But that's ok.

- A lot of the people on your prayer list come from reading blogs. 

I have diagnosed myself as a blogoholic. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love at first sight

We unfortunately had to attend a funeral yesterday for a very missed man in our community.  After the funeral, a ritual in our small community is to host a large pot luck lunch for the family and friends at the loca l fire department.  So we stopped in to eat and visit a little more. 

The man who passed away has 1 great grandson and 2 more on the way.  The great grandson at the luncheon yesterday, Layn, is about 2 years old, just a few months older than Claire.  Layn was also a Duke ICN baby and had to stay there about 3 weeks with surgery before he could come home.  

Anyways, I don't think that Claire and Layn have ever met.  Trent and Layn's dad have grown up together and Trent is really close to their family as Layn's granddaddy and Claire's granddaddy were really good friends.  I did not realize that Layn and Claire have almost the same exact hair color and curls.  It is too cute!  I said there must be something in the water around here for super curly hair

Well, I sat down with Claire in my lap with Layn's mom while Layn got in her lap.  All of a sudden, Layn reached over, hugged Claire and gave her a big kiss on the lips!  Claire just sat there and stared at him and everyone who saw it let out a huge "awwwweee!!".  It was really sweet.  Layn's mom reminded him she had told him he was not allowed to date Claire!  ;)

Anyways, I thought it was too cute and sweet.  Definitely a Kodak moment but of course, I didn't not have my camera!!!!  

Please keep the McLawhorn family in your prayers during this difficult time.  Also another long time community member passed away on Thursday and her funeral is today.  So please keep the Bell family in your prayers as well.  I was hesitant to tell Trent that things like this happen in threes.  But have no fear - our washing machine died on Friday I am considering that to be the third thing!!!!! 

The Scott Family

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Discovery, for a child, is a natural part of life.  Children start discovering different things at different points in their lives like feet, hands, belly buttons, animals, etc. 

Tonight, Claire discovered two new things.  The "normal" thing she discovered are my eyes.  She has now started touching and pointing at my eyes.  When I say the word "eyes" as she touches my eyes, she acts like she doesn't like that word for some reason.  Who knows!  She is so into "b" words right now, maybe she wants it to start with a "b".....

But then she also made another, not so normal, discovery tonight.  I say "not so normal" meaning not every child has this to discover.  Some children do, but not all.  Tonight in the bathtub, Claire looked down at her belly and has finally discovered one of her scars.  The 8" scar from her liver surgery that expands all the way across her belly.  She pressed it and touched it several times, then moved onto her belly button that she discovered a long time ago. 

It's strange to watch her notice the scar.  You can hardly see it as it blends in, although it's slightly whiter than her skin.  But it's noticeable.  It makes me sad because she will always have these huge scars across her beautiful skin.  One day we will have to explain these scars.  One day she will hate these scars.  And hopefully one day she will embrace these scars.  It just breaks my heart to know that she is already noticing them and wondering about them.  It scares me to think she may get picked on about her scars.  Or called names.  It tears my heart into a million pieces. 

So it's not a normal discovery, but it's part of our lives.  I am curious to know how other parents handle explaining the scars at different ages in life.  How do your kids react?  I can just imagine a 13 year old Claire yelling at me and blaming me for her scars.  :(

On a happier note, Claire has learned that when you say "I love you" she will make the sound and act like she is blowing you a kiss.  She doesn't do the hand motion with it, but she is putting love and kisses together!  It's so sweet!

The Scott Family

Monday, March 19, 2012

Daffodil Day

Saturday, Claire, Becky, Ava, and I rode all the way to Winterville to take Ava and Claire's pictures in a daffodil field.  When we got there, we found there was a small patch of about 15 daffodils in bloom and the rest had already died.  But it made for cute pictures!  With the warm weather, the flowers bloomed earlier than normal.  I will have to be more on top of it next year!

Here are some of the good ones I caught with my camera.  I hope Becky got some good ones with hers too.

These 2 are from Sunday before church, but were so cute, I couldn't resist posting them.

And the following pictures are what I call "bloopers"!  Too funny!  Claire had this scrunched up face thing going on in a lot of the pictures.  And then Ava was trying hard to give Claire hugs and Claire didn't know what to do except to fall down in the wet grass. 

In the end it was fun!  I am glad Ava and Becky agreed to go with us on our crazy photography trip.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

The Scott Family

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A good kind of tired

I am tired after a long, busy, great weekend.  But it is a good kind of tired.  You know, the kind of tired where you are mentally and physically exhausted to where you fall asleep on the floor while your daughter plays with her toys beside you.....  All because you have had an awesome weekend full of fun!

I don't know.  I think our weekends are more tiring than some people's weekends.  Maybe it's because we both work full time and the on the weekends, we try to pack in as much fun stuff with Claire as possible.   I am sure that is how it is with most full time working parents.  Anyways, we tried to take advantage of the nice weather and friends and family this weekend.  So here is a recap of our fun weekend!

We went to Winterville with Ava and Becky to take their pictures in the daffodil field in Winterville (pics to come soon!).  We then went to Paramore Park and played then hit up Chick Fil A.  We had a great time on St. Patrick's Day!

ready to ride

This is where Claire discovred climbing up the slide.

The picnic tables became interesting

Becky joined in on the fun!

looking for 4 leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day

We then went to the Howards' house to chase chickens and play in the pool. 

barefoot weather

swimming with Connor and Anna

Grandma Neat Neat bought a new car this weekend!

Daddy, Claire, Grandma Neat Neat and her new car

We went to church Sunday morning and Claire looked too cute in her new hairbow, hand me down dress, socks, and shoes, and her pink puppy from Dr. Rachel (her new favorite toy).

We then went to Leann's baby shower and visited with a few friends.  Claire loved walking through the shower, outside, and up and down the steps. 

visiting with Amanda

Leann and "baby" Easton

McLean girls and a Carpenter girl

We then came home and Claire and Grandma Neat Neat enjoyed a wagon ride. 

I love my wagon!

 We had a really fun weekend and are ready for bed!!

The Scott Family