Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Is Happening

I am sure it’s totally normal certain days not to remember your age (or maybe I don’t want to) or to remember what day of the week it is.  But lately, I feel like I am just forgetting so many things. 
For example, today, my Dad texts me and says “baby boy…8 pounds 14 oz at 7:10 am”.  I sit and try to figure out why in the world my Dad has texted me about someone having a baby today.  And who in the world is he talking about?  Did he text me by mistake?  But why would he even text about a baby being born by mistake?  So I text him back “Who had a baby?”  And then it hits me.  My cousin and his wife had their baby!  How in the world could I have not figured that out?!  The baby and family we pray and think about daily.  The baby who was due a week ago and we have been waiting and watching for news of his birth.  The baby I just had a dream about this weekend and just yesterday had a conversation about this dream with the baby’s mom on Facebook.  Where is my brain!? 

Or like last night, I had a flash back of last August when I had my level 2 ultrasound and fetal echo at ECU.  For some reason while rocking Claire to sleep last night, a picture of me popped in my head of me lying on the ultrasound table tilted backwards on my head (seriously this did happen in real life) because they were trying so hard to get Claire to move in the right direction to get good pictures.  Had I totally just forgotten that piece of the puzzle from last year?  Had I blocked it out?  Why was I thinking about it last night?

But the really big things that I know I should remember is what is tripping me up.  Like during CHD week, I had to literally try to remember what kind of valve repair Claire had on her heart.  Or like tonight, I had to look at Claire’s scar on her belly while giving her a bath to remember what side her liver cysts were on and what lobe they surgically removed.  I used to be able to tell you every single detail, medical term, EVE.RY.THING.
Why am I having these memory issues?  I am only 32 years old!  (See, I remember my age today.)  Is it a part of getting older??

Or, is it the fact that life is happening.  Life IS happening.  And all of those details, although they are very, very important to me and always will be because it is part of Claire’s history and life story, seem to be slipping away from my mind.  I hope it’s because we are replacing those details with bouncing curls and walking.  Or that Claire can make almost any farm animal sound you can name – even a monkey. 

Super Dude’s mom told me a few weeks ago that she had totally forgotten that it was coming up on when Super Dude came home from the hospital a few years ago.  Her Dad mentioned it to her and she had not even thought about it.  She told me it was funny how the first year that they come home you remember EVERY detail and date and anniversary.  But after that, life happens.  And you don’t base your life on what happened a year ago.  New things become benchmarks and anniversaries. 

So I am hoping that it’s not old age.  But that LIFE IS HAPPENING for us.  Let’s hope that is the case.  If not, everyone is in for some early Alzheimer’s posts. 

Congratulations to the Finch family on their new addition and Claire’s new cousin, Ozzie!  Life is happening……….

The Scott Family

Monday, February 27, 2012


This so sad, pitiful face is brought to you today by Synagis shots.  Claire had her RSV shot today and as soon as we walked in pediatrics she freaked out again.  It's so sad.  I feel so bad for her. 

She literally almost crawled, rolled, and fought her way off of the scale today.  I had to even hold her for the nurse to take her temperature - luckily she did not pee on me.  Claire is just absolutely terrified of the doctor and I honestly cannot blame her.  I just hate it for her.  My dad metioned that maybe she will grow up to be a doctor one day!  We will see!

I am not quite sure how the nurse was able to get an accurate weight and length on Claire, but she said she weighed 25.5 lbs and was 31" long.  I think the doctor said she was in the 81st percentile for weight and 40 something percentile for height.  She said she was starting to get "a little chunky"!  hahahaha  I definitely do not want weight problems to start this early!

Chunky is not a word I am used to hearing when it comes to Claire.  Maybe me, but not her.  So it was kind of funny. 

So on that note, and since we were both traumatized at the doctor (Claire from the shot and me from Claire hyperventilating), I decided we deserved a treat.  McDonald's large fry for momma and a fruit and yogurt parfait for baby.  The parfait is fat free so not to make Claire chunky.  The large fry...not so much.  But it made me feel better.  ;)   And I don't go to the doctor for a few more months....

The Scott Family

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend in review

Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend.  Usually I sort through and just post the best ones.  But I decided to post them all so you could just see how crazy things can be sometimes!  Claire spent Saturday with Grandma Neat Neat and Uncle Phillip and Aunt Brandy. 

breakfast in monkey pjs

Playing at Grandma's

grocery shopping

being silly eating lunch


"Enough pictures already!"

playing the piano on Aunt Brandy's iPad

checking out Uncle Phillip's fish

watching The Wiggles with Aunt Brandy

discovering her shadow

Claire was whiney today


running around the New Bern Mall

Daytona 500 was cancelled due to rain, so Claire had her own at the mall

playing outside in the yard with daffodils

The Scott Family

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Once enemies, now friends

Remember how Claire was terrified of the broom at one point?!?  Well, she has been getting used to it slowly but surely.  And this week, she walked up to me while I was sweeping and grabbed the broom and helped me sweep the kitchen!  So I guess she is now friends with the broom!

The Scott Family

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Claire's Heart Day events

Claire had a great 1st Heart Day!  Not to mention that it is the middle of February and was 81 degrees outside today AND that she "officially" started walking on her own today!  I'd say that makes for a great day!

We started out by delivering some heart cupcakes to Aunt Brandy and Uncle Phillip bright and early this morning.  Then Claire went to Granny and Big Daddy's as usual.  She had a great morning out side with Granny and eating a cupcake.  Then Grandma picked Claire up and they delivered more cupcakes, visited Mimi and Grandpa, and went to watch Connor and Anna jump on the trampoline. 

For supper, Granny helped fix Claire's favorite food - spaghetti!  So I cooked the noodles and we had some good spaghetti and more cupcakes.  And Claire walked more than she crawled at home!  She was not happy with me when I was videoing her because she was ready to eat.  ;)

And yesterday was Claire's 14 month corrected age birthday!

So here are some pictures and a video from the day!!! 

Outside at Granny and Big Daddy's

Walking with Grandma

Playing with Connor and Anna

heart cupcakes

favorite food spaghetti

top it off with a cupcake

The Scott Family

Claire's Heart Day

Today is Claire’s Heart Day!  One year ago today, Claire’s heart was mended.  I didn’t, and still do not, consider Claire’s heart as “broken.”  I know some people use that term to describe their child’s heart, and I completely.  But for some reason, I just can’t use that term when talking about Claire’s heart.  When I think of a broken heart, I think of a “sad” heart and this child’s heart has never been sad! 

And I don’t like using the word “fixed” either, although sometimes I do use it when talking about Claire’s heart surgery.  It’s a lot less intimidating than the word “repaired.”  Why don’t I like “fixed?”  Because although she was born with a CHD, it was the heart God created for her.  And I don’t like thinking that I had to “fix” anything God created. 

So I really get in a predicament when talking about Claire’s heart.  I love her heart.  She is my heart.  And although her heart had to have some tinkering done to it to make it work better, her heart is perfect.  Claire’s heart is bigger than anyone could imagine. 

It’s very hard for me to describe how I feel in words.  I truly believe every good and perfect gift comes from God.  And that’s exactly what Claire is – a good and perfect gift to us.  And I know (as we say in the south) God don’t make mistakes. 

So today we will celebrate Claire’s heart – a celebration of her mended heart.  One that is so perfectly made by God’s hands.  Claire, we love you more and more every day.  Our love is endless and unconditional for you.  You amaze us beyond our wildest dreams.  We are so extremly proud of you and are so excited to watch you grow and continue to show others what God can do. 

The Scott Family

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Steps

Claire has started taking a few steps on her own since this weekend.  I tried to catch her doing it tonight.  Just ignore all of the pillows stacked around the antique farm equipment in our house!  She's a little unsteady but if she doesn't pay attention to what she is doing, then she does pretty good.  It's once Claire realizes that she is walking alone that she will stop, sit down, and crawl.  Too cute! 

Also, Thursday is an exciting day.  It's Claire's Heart Day.  One year ago on Thursday, Claire had her heart mended.  Cupcakes for all on Thursday!  :)

The Scott Family

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Success and Failure

Today was the blood drive that I blogged about a few days ago.  I had mentally prepared myself although I was still nervous! 

A little background on the blood drive.  As I mentioned before, a coworker, Kathi McCoy, started this blood drive several years ago because another coworker's grandson needed blood transfusions for some reason that I cannot remember.  Two months later, Kathi passed away in a tragic accident.  We've had 2 other coworkers pass away since then from cancer, so the blood drive is done each year in these 3 coworkers' memories.  So I am happy to help in any way I can with this effort each year. 

We finally got back there and of course Susan held my hand!  This is me while they tried to figure out which "tiny" vein they were going to try.  I told the tech that I was a one shot wonder - she had one try to get a vein.  If that didn't work, I would probably chicken out!  She had to search around with the needle a bit, but finally got it going.  Unfortunately, I failed at donating a unit because my blood clotted.  To tell you how bad I really wanted to do this, I asked if she could stick me in the other arm to finish getting the blood she needed.  She said no they couldn't do that.  I was so, so disappointed.  Then I looked over at Trent and he was about to fall out. 

His face was white and he said he felt nausea.  I asked a nurse to please get him some regular drink and she was so kind to feed it to him with a straw.  I think he got a little spoiled by the nurses today, but that was ok!  He was able to donate a whole unit! 

Then Claire showed up in her Christmas pajamas.  ;)  It was such a nasty, rainy day, we had all stayed in our PJs most of the day until we went to the blood drive.  She just decided to stay in hers! 

And then Claire made a friend.  Kathi's niece was there with her family while they donated blood and she and Claire hit it off!  She began running around the waiting room in circles, in and out of the furniture and Claire followed (with me in tow).  So Claire and I chased her all over until I was dizzy!  I have never seen Claire play like that.  It's like she automatically knew that she was supposed to chase her!  Fun!!!  Kathi's niece decided she wanted to help Claire walk, so she took one hand and I held the other and we walked together. 

I put Claire on the couch to take a picture and she jumped up and wanted to put her arm around Claire so I could take their picture.  Too cute!


Granny showed up next and she was able to donate blood for the first time!  Yay!  The lady who drew my blood also drew hers and as we were talking, she said her daughter was born at 32 weeks - 15 years ago.  Small world!

So I believe the blood drive was a success today!  If you didn't get a chance to go this year, think about going next year.  Trent and Granny successfully donated in honor of Claire and I attempted to.  We hope it goes to help save someone's life and give back to those who gave to save Claire's life. 

The Scott Family

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good times!

The title of this post is how Becky described today's play date with Claire and Ava and I wholeheartedly agree!  We had a great time on a spur of the moment play date today.  It was 70 degrees (in the middle of February!) so we met at a nature park in Kinston.  It is the same park we met Ava at last year for our very first play date ever.  Back then, Claire could hardly sit up on her own.  Today, we walked and walked all over the park! 

I never realized how many fun things there were to do at this park.  We hit up everything that we could (all FREE) except the train rides that don't start back up until March.  We plan to go back and do that for sure! 

The girls had a lot of fun together and us moms did too.  They definitely wore us out!  I was sweating by the time we left.  Claire fell fast asleep on the ride home with Cheerios falling out of her mouth.  And when we got home, Claire has let go and walked on her own 3 separate times this evening!  She takes about 5 steps towards me all by herself.  I swear every time she is around other kids, she comes home and does something new!  Another good reason for more play dates!

Here are a few snapshots from the day!

We hit up the swings first and that was fun!

Next, we found this alligator/lizard looking thing.  Claire didn't really like it, but Ava did!

Then we decided it was time for a snack on the baby picnic tables.  So Claire and Ava shared some sweet potato puffs, chocolate milk, and juice. 

Then we went into this little place that had lots of snakes and animals. We found this friendly nice looking bird and Claire quacked at him.

Claire then found the fossils and decided to eat one to see how it tastes.  Yuck!  These are real dinosaur bones behind her.  Or at least I think they are. 

The slides were next!  There were so many big kids out there the girls didn't really get to slide much.  But they liked sitting together on it!  Cute picture! 

And then someone brought out a dog.  So of course they were like magnets to the dog named CoCo.  Claire kept following the dog around the park yelling "woof woof" at her!

Thought this was funny since Claire will call my dad "Big Daddy."  Big Daddy (or B.D.) is also what we called my mom's dad and I think that's what they called their grandfather.  Big Daddy is the gopher looking animal below.  It looks like he must be the train conductor when the train runs.

We took another break in the wooden mulch.  Claire tried to taste every piece while Ava was on a stick hunt.

 And as much as I just looooove heights, Claire seems to have no fear of them.  We just had to climb up the stairs to the jungle gym.  And this platform may not look high but to me it felt like we were 50 feet in the air!

Hanging out in the shade.  By this time I was sweating.  It was very nice and warm!

Ava wanted Claire to get back on the slide with her, but Claire had walking on her mind. 

We found the stairs again and then Claire found this bridge looking thing that I promise reminded me of the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain.  Seriously.  I know it wasn't actually swinging, but I was so dizzy from my fear of heights, it felt like I was swinging!

Then Ava decided it was her turn to walk the bridge.

There's Big Daddy again!

Our last stop was the Health and Science Museum.  I am so glad we stopped in there.  Most of the stuff in there was too "old" for Claire and Ava, but there was some really neat things in there including this humongous heart that you can crawl through and go under the floor and come out somewhere else in the room.  There was also a huge mouth with a stomach attached that you could walk through. 

There was also this huge poster of a heart and it gave all of the names of the parts of the heart.  NEAT!

Ok, I know these next pictures are a little strange, but they had a glass case in there with fetuses and their sizes at certain months in a uterus.  I thought it was neat because they had one that was a 7 month old fetus (a little bit older than Claire when she was born).  You can't tell from the picture, but the baby is TINY!  I forgot Claire was that small when she was born!   The 7 month old fetus is the one on the bottom left corner that is upside down.  Also at the top of the picture you can see these bean bag type things.  They were different weights based on the weeks of the fetus.  There was a 32 week one that way heavy and a 28 week one (Claire was born at 29 weeks) that felt more like what I remember. 

(Amanda O. - this next picture is JUST for you!!)  ;)

Outside of the museum was a fun pond with a fountain that Claire liked. 

And that was our day!  We spent about an hour and a half there and it was so much fun!  I can't wait to go back.  Thanks Becky and Ava for inviting us!! 

The Scott Family