Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Big Steps

One thing I have always cherished about the end of the day has been rocking Claire to sleep.  It's about the only time during the day that she sits still long enough for us to hold her for longer than 3 seconds.  It's the time of day that I get to snuggle with our baby, pray over her and with her, and just end the day right.

But a few weeks ago, she started waking up as soon as her head hit the mattress when I would lay her down.  Then it started the game of me picking her back up, rocking her back to sleep again.  And the cycle continued.  Yes, I have to admit I can't stand to make Claire cry.

So realizing that she had my number, I also realized she is now a big girl and needs to know how to comfort herself back to sleep.  Just like we did last year with the Operation Sleep (where she was waking up during the night), I knew we had to do this in a transition.  I couldn't just change all of a sudden - Claire does not do well with change.  Claire has one of those Dream Lights that will cut off after 20 minutes.  So I started with that as my timer - rock her until the light went off then lay her down.  If she woke up crying, tell her it's ok, then leave the room.

Eventually she would cry for a few minutes then soothe herself to sleep within 5 minutes.  Then we moved to rocking her for about 15 minutes then laying her down with 5 minutes left on the night light.  This worked about the same but she didn't take as long to go to sleep.

Last night I rocked her maybe 2 minutes then put her in the crib wide awake with a toy and she didn't even cry.  She just played until she went to sleep.  So tonight when she said "night night" and "crib" I put her in the crib (no rocking), turned the Dream Light on, said our goodnights, and turned the light off.  She watched me walk out of the room and didn't seem phased at all.  Just playing herself to sleep.

I have to say it's a huge step for both Claire and myself.  I was as attached to the rocking to sleep as she was.  I have to admit I really miss it.  I am having to adjust myself.  Claire's done better than I have!!!  But we now have a big girl on our hands!  :)

As for a Jax update:  He received his 2nd spinal chemo treatment today (where they inject chemo directly into his spinal fluid).  They also tested spinal fluid and found NO leukemia cells!  This is good news!  But Amber says they are running more tests today and will get results tomorrow so my understanding is maybe there still is a chance that leukemic cells are hiding in his spine.  The doctors have told them that it is now an all new ballgame with the new finding last week.  And that this will be a lot longer process than originally thought.  Please keep him in your prayers!

The Scott Family

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