Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter!  Yesterday I took Claire to an Easter Egg Hunt that my parents' church was hosting.  Talk about coming full circle (well almost).  My parents used to host this egg hunt for the church at their house when we lived in King's Row meaning many, many years ago.  My Granny Rose even made my mom a bunny costume that she would wear.  Full body white fur suit that zipped up and even covered her head.  It had a tail and ears.  Then my mom would paint her entire face white with face paint and paint a bunny nose and whiskers on her face.  When we moved, the egg  hunt came along to our new house and my parents hosted it there for many years.  I was so proud when I was old enough to actually be the one hiding the eggs and not finding them.  Oh those "yummy" hard candy eggs with some sort of marshmallow inside.  Yuck!  But they were fun to hide and find!

Anyways, I took Claire to the egg hunt yesterday.  My parents no longer have it at their home so we went to the new location. Of course I was not fooled into thinking Claire would actually hunt eggs.  We were going more or less for the experience and to say we had done it.  She ran through an entire sea of eggs (before the hunt started) and never even acted like she wanted to stop and pick one up.  

Claire had a lot of fun before the hunt started.  We saw Will and his family there and Claire even ate some sidewalk chalk - see below.

Jack was there and showed off his chocolate cupcake mustache.

Claire enjoyed making 2 marks with the sidewalk chalk and then trying to dump the whole bowl out.  

When it was actually time for the egg hunt to start, Claire was ready to leave!  So she took Grandma's hand and they left.  No egg hunting for her.  She was done.  So I went back to the egg hunt and visited with some mom friends for a few minutes.  I could actually carry on a conversation without running all over the yard!

Then the Easter Bunny visited our house last night and filled Claire's basket with fun things!  The Easter Bunny left a new summer hat for the pool, a princess wand, a Chica from the Sprout Sunny Side Up Show, a new bath sponge, a new dinner plate, a jumping bunny, a chirping chick, some Ariel socks and some new headbands.  She was excited!

She even wore the headband!  I didn't think she would but she didn't act like it bothered her.  I am hoping she can wear these some to keep her hair out of her face.

We then went to church for Easter Sunday.  Claire wore her new dress her Granny and Aunt Amanda bought her.  She was so sweet and pretty!  She looks so grown up!

We have had a great Easter so far!  We filled our bellies at Granny and Big Daddy's for lunch then we will also be celebrating Mimi's 81st birthday tonight with more food!

The Scott Family

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