Friday, March 22, 2013

Eye Appointment

Yesterday, we went to Duke Eye Clinic for Claire's eye check up.  It went really well! Claire was not scared at all and actually had a good time.  She took the light up wand thing from the nurse that they use to get children's attention and kept it for a while.  I don't think they really could tell much at the appointment except for that I told them I didn't think her eyes were any worse and that she can read letters up close and far away.  So we will go back in 6 months and they will dilate her eyes and check her slight nearsightedness.  Other than that, she is good to go for now!!

For an update on Jax - his spinal fluid and blood work all came back NEGATIVE for leukemia cells!!!!  What a blessing and prayers answered!  We all know it can come back.  But if we keep the prayers coming I hope he will be blessed with miracles of a healthy body.

The Scott Family

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