Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Books for Charley - 2013

This year we participated in the “Books for Charley” book drive again for Duke’s Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit patients.  We were able to collect 46 children’s books in total for the kids!  The books ranged anywhere from baby board books to Dr. Seuss books to books about farms (you know we had to throw some farm books in…..).  We were super excited to participate again and be able to brighten 46 children’s day with a new book to read or to have read to them.  

We delivered the box of books at Claire’s last appointment for her liver checkup.  I was in such a stir worried that Claire’s appointment would go like her cardiology appointment went back in May when she just had meltdown after meltdown.  So as soon as we go to Duke, I dropped the box of books off at the information desk for the child life specialist to pick up.  It wasn’t until later that day did I realize I never took a picture of the books!  My nerves had the best of me that day I guess! 

But the child life specialist sent us a special thank you note, so I thought I would post it instead.  It just warms my heart to know that we help keep Charlotte’s memory alive by warming the hearts of other children and by spreading awareness of Congenital Heart Defects.   

Thanks to the Ritchie family for allowing us to be part of this wonderful event again this year!! 
The Scott Family

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  1. Thank you SO much for helping! And the very first thing I noticed about this card were the butterflies! How perfect is that?