Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Fun

We have been continuing to work hard on our summer adventures!  Here are a few things we have been up to.  I would have more pictures but I cannot figure out how to save pictures from my iPhone and rotate them correctly.  So all the other ones I wanted to post were sideways!  Ugh.  So here is just a few.

We went to Marbles Museum with Aunt Julie and Aunt Amanda.  Claire LOVED it!  She especially loved the ambulance exhibit.  Weird, yes I know.  I think it was the lights.  She also loved the farm exhibit and the water exhibit.

 We had friends over to play including cousins Connor and Anna.  Is it not obvious to you too that these 2 girls look a lot a  like???

Aunt Amanda took Claire to a local splash pad and she had a blast!!!!!

And friends Layn and Jax came over this weekend to swim in our pool and then go play at Chick Fil A.  Claire and Layn had fun swimming and splashing while Jax looked on from the deck.

We are continuing to try new things and have fun!  Claire LOVES water and animals.  Maybe I will be able to figure out this iPhone picture taking soon so I can post more pictures!

The Scott Family

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