Monday, November 19, 2012

Aannnnd now a rash

And the rash came today.  It was very little this morning - maybe 10 dots plus her ears.  Tonight, it's gone wild!!!  I got lots of good advice and opinions by posting on Facebook from friends.  I also sent pictures to Dr. Rachel for her advice.  She thinks it looks like hives probably from one of the antibiotics (more than likely the azithromyacin).  All I can say is I know how stressed I am about this whole sick episode.  I can only imagine how Claire feels.  :(

The Scott Family


  1. Oh Rebecca!! I hope that things start to work themselves out for you. I agree that it looks like hives. Is she itching?? Poor little Claire! Praying she's back to her happy healthy self soon.

  2. Oh my goodness. Logan had hives like this from an antibiotic that contained sulfa. It was so bad he required steroids too. Poor Claire. Hoep they have imporved.