Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rash and cold update

The rash has seemed to fade some today.  When Claire woke up, she had a few more "dots" around her right eye.  I am sure she had more on her body but it was hard to tell.  They do not look as angry today and they don't seem to bother her or itch at all.  Her diaper rash got a lot worse today though. :(

The body rash, as it is fading, seems to be making those circle shapes.  It's not really a bulls eye, but it's almost like a ring worm.  Like a red outline of a circle where the inside of the circle is faded or skin color.  It's really weird.  The rash remains pretty flat and not raised.  I have tried Googling rashes a lot and still don't really see one that matches what Claire has.  She keeps saying "oww" like it hurts but I also don't know if that is just something she is saying as it is a new word. 

Claire still seems stuffy and is coughing a little.  She is off all antibiotics and breathing treatments.  She is still taking Zyrtec and Mucinex Cough.  Please pray she is well ASAP!!!  I don't want it to relapse.  Trent seems better today and I finally broke down and got antibiotic and steroid shots today. 

Thanks for all of the prayers for our family!

The Scott Family

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