Saturday, November 17, 2012

World Prematurity Day and the never ending cold

Today the world celebrates and recognizes World Prematurity Day.  We celebrate our little girl who was born too early at 29 weeks weighing 3 lbs 2 oz and only 16.25" long.  She had a rough start to life but she has sure made up for it these past 2 years!!!  Happy World Prematurity Day out there to all of our preemie friends - Aunt Sarah, Eliza, Remi, Jake, Parker, Chase, Leah, and many more!!

And this cold that we all have must be some mutant cold.  Seriously, Trent went back and got more shots, I went and got a z-pack of my own, and Claire was tachypnic all night last night so I laid awake all night listening to her breathe.  I don't freak out about much (well, depends on who you ask) but last night I was really worried.  Breathing fast may not mean a whole lot to many people, but the word tachypnea freaks out any preemie mom - especially a preemie heart mom. 

Thank God I was able to talk to Dr. Rachel last night and ask her opinion.  Why can't she just live here so she can be Claire's personal doctor?!?!  :)  She told me the "bad" signs to watch for such as really labored breathing where I could see Claire's lungs/ribs and flaring of her nares/nose.  Of course I couldn't really see any of that since she was sleeping but her breaths were short, fast, and shallow.  I start freaking out since Claire was also super clingy last night and basically just wanted me to hold her.  That is TOTALLY out of charachter for her.  So as I started worrying, Dr. Rachel talked me down and calmed me down. 

She said a lot of times with viral pneumonia and infection in the lungs, tachypnea happens.  So I am praying that's all it is and nothing heart related.  You can never be too cautious.  I will watch her this morning when she gets up and see how it goes.

Please continue to pray for healing and health for our family!  This cold/virus is crazy!

The Scott Family

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