Thursday, February 7, 2013

{Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week} - Zip-Line

Lately, I have caught myself worrying about how Claire will feel one day about her scars.  Most days I know she wears them as badges of courage.  But at the same time, I hate that she has to learn to deal with 2 large scars across her torso.  With her personality, I think she will handle them well when she starts asking about them.  But on the other hand, will she be mad?  Will she be sad?  Will she be hurt?  Will she wonder what her mother did while pregnant that could have caused her to have to endure these things?  I don't know.  But the thoughts run through my mind and seem to be there more often now as she gets older.

So while preparing for CHD Week, I ran across this book called "Zip-Line".

As I read some of the lines in the book, I thought this would be the perfect gift for Claire one day.  Hopefully it will help explain her scars and what they mean.

"If you peek at my middle, in the center of my chest
you'll notice something different, it's not like the rest.

Some will wonder silently while others may just stare
but what you must want to know, 'How did that line get there?'

I wasn't struck by lightning or in a fencing duel
and I didn't get a scratch showing a lion who is cool.

I got my zip-line when I was young and the doctors fixed my heart
the scar that was left there is my personal work of art.

The zip-line is my trophy for being strong and brave
my surgery lasted hours and my recovery took days...."

It was written by a father of a little girl who had a CHD and had surgery when she was a baby in hopes one day it will help explain to her why she has these scars.  

So I can't wait to order the book and have it ready for Claire when she is ready to learn about her zip-line.  And hopefully make it a little easier to explain.  

The Scott Family

PS - Claire and Ryland (and their moms) were interviewed Wednesday by a local news channel to tell their heart stories and to help raise awareness of CHDs.  If you are local, watch WITN Channel 12 at 5:30/6:00 pm and Fox News at 10 pm either tonight or tomorrow night.  Not sure exactly which night it will air.  There will be a link on the news website, so once it is there, I will post it here!


  1. Izzy got this for Christmas and I must admit I have yet to make it through without crying :/ luckily, she is only sixteen months and doesn't care if we stop reading and just look at pictures :p.

  2. I want to order this! Thanks for sharing!