Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Horsin' Around

The other weekend Claire, Trent, and I went to our neighbors house to see their horses and pigs.  Since Claire loves animals so much we knew this would be fun for her!  She loved the horse and pigs!  She petted the horse and even picked up the brush and started brushing her all by herself!  She wasn't too keen on sitting in the saddle on the horse but I can't blame her - I am scared of that too!

Claire also liked talking to the pigs - Madison and Francine.  She really wanted to put her fingers in their stall but they would have mistaken her little fingers for a snack!

It was fun watching Claire interact with different animals.  She sees them all the time in her books and on tv, so it makes me wonder what she is thinking when she sees them in real life.

The Scott Family

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