Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Heart Day Claire!

Yesterday we celebrated Claire's "Heart Day".  Each year on February 23rd we remember when Claire's heart was repaired.  It was a day that all of our hearts stopped while Claire's heart was stopped.  Then all of our hearts and lives were restarted when hers was.  We are so thankful that God blessed us with a special little girl and also with the doctors and nurses that were blessed with the skills to fix complex congenital heart defects like Claire's.

We celebrated with a new hair-do and by wearing her new heart outfit she got for Valentine's Day.

We celebrated by eating heart shaped cakes made by Grandma (well Claire wouldn't eat any - more on that in another post about her eating habits/issues).

We made music CDs with cute cases (I cut out hearts and put a bandaid on each one) to deliver to the peds unit at the hospital where I work.  We did this for the Charley's Random Acts of Kindness, so I thought we would carry on the fun and take some more CDs up for the kiddos.  Claire loves music so much, Trent and I thought by sharing music with others, we could brighten their day.  I haven't decided whether I am going to write "Music to make your heart happy" on the CDs yet or not...  Our next project is to make lullaby CDs to deliver to the babies at Duke ICN.

And of course, we celebrated by giving Claire a few gifts.  I ordered the "Zip Line" book that I talked about in a previous post.  Unfortunately after I wrote in the front of it, I realized it was missing 2 pages!  So I am having to send it back and get a new one.  Oh well.  Claire also got a new CD of kids songs by Jewel. I highly recommend this CD!

We had a nice quiet afternoon at home and were blessed by spending the day with Claire.  We hope to carry on this celebration year after year!

The Scott Family

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