Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seriously, people?!?!?!

I will start off by saying I hope I do not offend any of you by writing this and expressing my opinion.   But that is what this blog is for.

So tonight I was excited to hear a local news station was airing a spot about the Pulse Ox bill that is trying to get passed in NC.  So I was able to see a little bit of it over dinner while trying to multi-task.  At the end I heard the news reporter say that parents would have the right to waive having the pulse ox test done on their newborn if they so chose.  I don't understand WHY anyone would waive a non-evasive test that could possibly save their child's life....whatever.   I did miss the end though where they showed a few comments sent in by viewers.  When I heard what some of the comments said, I was shocked.

Seriously?  People were sending in comments about how passing this bill/law was just another way for the government to take over?!?!  Really?!  No - that is not what this bill is about.  Parents of heart babies like us are the ones who have been pushing SO had for this bill to be passed.  Not government.  Parents who know that this could save other children from life threatening heart defects being missed and possibly saving lots of heart ache for other parents.  Parents who have been through the fear of finding out their baby had a broken heart.  Parents who have lived through seeing their infant child's chest sawed open, their heart stopped, their heart repaired, and the long scar left behind.  Parents who sat by their child's side watching that pulse ox number 24/7 to be sure it didn't drop below a safe number.

Seriously, people!?  This bill is not a push or infringement from government.

If you have questions about the pulse ox test, please ask me.  Any pregnant person needs to know this and know to ask to have this test done on their newborn between 24-48 hours after birth.  And that if the numbers aren't right, then ask for more testing.  Don't be afraid to save your child's life.   And the test doesn't hurt!  It's basically like wrapping a small piece of medical tape around your finger or toe with a red light attached.  That's it.  And I even asked how much this test might cost and it's less than $20.  Most of the time it's already included in the room charges for a newborn, so it could be FREE!!!!

Seriously, people.  Get the message. The right message.

There, I said it.

The Scott Family

PS - Please pray for Jax as he receives spinal chemo tomorrow and has his spinal fluid tested again for leukemia cells.  Also pray for Marie - one of Claire's long distance cousins who is 3 years old and battling a brain tumor.

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