Monday, April 8, 2013

Some catching up to do

We have been really busy lately!  I have not been good about updating the blog, and I apologize.  So here are some pictures to catch up!

 Pollocksville Volunteer Fire Department had a fund raiser dinner a few weeks ago.  Claire loved the bluegrass music and running around and around the firehouse a million times with me chasing her.  Those of you who were there can vouch for that.  She really liked the this something she gets from her mother????

And this is a rare look at how Claire's hair looks first thing in the morning.  So you can see how difficult it is to get it fixed, right?  Don't judge.

DaDa got new business cards and a banner made for the farm.  Claire approved!  

This is what most of my pictures look like now.....

Claire wanted to play dress up for the first time ever the other day.  She wanted to put her pajamas on over her clothes, wear her new pool hat, and we eventually put the Ariel socks on that she is holding.  Too cute!

This is another view of what our life looks like.  A running blur....

More up close pictures with dirt around her mouth...

And I now have to hide my phone from Claire.  She is in love with watching videos of herself for hours it seems.  And she meltsdown when I take the phone away.   I thought these pictures were funny because this is probably what we all look like now reading emails and texts on our smart phones.  

And we were trying out our new headbands the Easter Bunny brought and wearing the orange one to show support for our friend Jax....who by the way is home again for a few days!!!!  YAY Team Jax!  And I got to steal some of his sugar tonight too.

And Claire is looking more and more grown up each day.  So cute getting ready for church this past weekend.  

Enough pictures mom......

And she can wear her hair in a full pony tail now!  So cute!

We've been busy but it's been good and fun!

On a side note, please continue to pray for Marie and also please pray for Baby Drake who is at Duke and was born with a CHD that his parents did not know about before he was born.  And from what I have read, his nurses did the pulse ox test on him and realized that his sats were low and this is how they discovered his heart defect and then airlifted him to Duke.  So see how important this pulse ox test is y'all?!?  It probably saved his life.   He has already had 1 heart surgery and are expecting another one soon.  Baby Drake's family is friends with Claire's Aunt Julie and Uncle James.  I know he is being looked after up there at Duke very well.  :)

The Scott Family

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