Saturday, April 27, 2013


Claire sported her TEAM JAX tshirt today.  She hammed it up for the camera (see below) as I was trying to take her picture.  We surprised Jax's mom with matching shirts for Layn and Jaxson too.  These kids have to support each other too!   And if you want to order a tshirt for your child, just let me know and I can tell you who to contact! 
Jaxson spiked a fever last night so they have started antibiotics.  Also the doctors at UNC are planning to have a conference this week to discuss the possibility of a bone marrow transplant for Jax.  Once they can get his spinal fluid clear of leukemia this next time, they are considering doing the transplant to hopefully help him.  Right now it seems that they are pulling out all the stops.  No other children's hospital in the US (St. Jude's included) had anything that they thought could help Jax.  So the doctors here seem to be doing everything they can for him.  They did an MRI yesterday to check for "clusters" of leukemia cells in his spine and brain, but did not find any.  If they had found clusters, they would have attempted radiation on those spots if they were able. 


Please, please keep Jaxson and his family in your prayers!  And our TOF heart friend Mason who may have to have heart surgery again....... :(

The Scott Family

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