Friday, September 7, 2012

Fever Bugs

Last week, Claire seemed to be running a slight fever.  We are still not sure if it is her 2 year molars working on her or what but the fever is gone.  I simply dread having to take her temperature.  She screams so bad.  So I went to Walgreens to see if I could find a different type of thermometer and ran across these stickers (only like $5).  They are called "Fever Bugs" and you just stick them on the child's forehead, chest, or under arm.  It reads the temperature very quickly - N for normal, 99, 101, 103, or 105 in the little black circles.  As you can see below, it said Claire's temperature was normal, but she still felt warm.  I checked her temperature with the digital ear thermometer and it was 98.8.  So I guess the stickers work!  They are cute - lady bugs, butterfly, caterpillar - shapes.  And she didn't even know it was stuck on her forehead!  :) 

I love these things and whoever invented them is awesome!!  They are now a must-have in our home.  You can leave them on for up to 48 hours, so while they are asleep, you can just sneak in and look at the bug to see the temperature without waking the child up. 

The Scott Family

PS - Please continue to keep the Mills family in your thoughts and prayers.  They lost their unborn son last week (the one I asked for prayers for last week).  Pray for peace and comfort for them. 

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