Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of preschool

Claire did great for her first day of preschool!  We got up early, ate a good breakfast, and put on our yellow for the day.  I actually slept better than Granny or Grandma did!  Claire was ready to go so we headed out with her bags packed and my camera ready to go. 

on our way

Claire jumped out of my arms when we entered her room and started playing right away.  I was amazed!  But then a little boy came in after us and started crying when his parents left.  I could tell Claire got nervous.  She ran to me, I picked her up and assured her, and she jumped back down to play again. 

I'm here!

One of my favorite toys

I like to hug stuffed animals

I think she played with all of these toys within 3 minutes of being there.  She was so excited!  I was obviously the crazy psycho mom taking lots of pictures.  I felt like the papparazi. 

Mom - please, no more pictures!

Grocery basket

I decided while Claire was occupied with bubbles to sneak out.  Not before I had to explain her emergency book/toy in her bag and the fact she will only drink out of her certain sippy cup (that I also wrote on the ziploc bag I put it in).  I am sure her teachers think I am crazy and overly obsessive.

As I shut the door, Claire started crying.  Conveniently, there is an exit door to the church close by so I just ran out.  I felt good.  No tears for me.  As I walked in the parking lot though I heard screams coming from the church.  And I was out in the parking lot.  I knew it wasn't Claire because it was not near her room.  But I decided I needed to go back in and just listen for a few minutes. 

So I stood in the hallway and I could hear Claire cry every now and then.  So I was assured she wasn't screaming her head off and I left and went to work.  I called the teacher after an hour and she said Claire was fine.  She was doing the on again and off again crying but had her little book and was playing fine by herself.  She said she didn't want the teachers to play with her.  They were getting ready to go on the playground.  I knew Claire would like that.

I didn't hear anything else from the teachers so I knew Claire would make it.  I planned to pick her up 30 minutes early since I knew she would be exhausted.  When I got there, the teachers had her bag and school work waiting on me.  I got to peek in the door and Claire was pushing a little toy car on the carpet.  So cute!  Then she started crying so they handed her to me out the door.  She was exhausted!  But the director said she cried when they went outside and when they came back in.  This is typical of Claire as she is not into change or transitions.  So it's normal for her but I hope she can learn to adapt to change/transitions soon. 

She was excited to get in the car and head to Granny and Big Daddy's for the rest of the day.  She cried when I left her again at my parents and stood at the back door crying "bye bye mommy".  That broke my heart!  But I knew she was tired and was about to get ready for a nap.

Yay!  I made it through my first day of preschool!

My first school work
We are so proud of Claire!  Her teachers are awesome and I can't wait until she makes friends in her class.  They say the 2nd day is harder since the kids know what to expect, so we will see!  Please continue to pray for Claire that she enjoys preschool and can learn and grow and stay healthy!

The Scott Family


  1. Gosh, could she get any cuter???? I think she did great for the first day!

  2. It’s always an exciting experience for moms to bring their kids to their first day of school. I know how you feel because I was also like that with my daughter. For Claire, it’s a normal thing that she cried on her first day. It might take her some time to adjust, but I know she’ll get used to it. Just let her adjust in her own pace.

    >Kylee Barrow