Monday, September 3, 2012

Twas the Night Before Preschool

Twas the night before preschool and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring except Mommy,
running around like a mouse.....
Trying to get Claire's stuff ready for preschool tonight was crazy.  I know I am forgetting something or forgetting to write her name on something. 
We read the 2 books from Granny and Big Daddy and Grandma Neat Neat while getting a bath. 

I wrote her name on everything I could think of and packed it in her bag. 


I got out her yellow outfit to wear as the teachers told us last week at open house that the color this week would be yellow. 

Claire was helping me get everything together. 

And I made sure to pack the emergency toy that is her favorite at this time.  This will be in case nothing else works, the teachers can hopefully calm Claire down with her Hide and Seek at the Farm book.

I am super nervous yet super proud of Claire.  I hope she does better than expected tomorrow (Tuesday). 

As I rocked Claire to sleep, I thought "why am I so nervous to leave her?"  I had to leave Claire for 99 nights while she was in the hospital with sometimes strange nurses to take care of her.  I had to hand her over to 2 surgeons on 2 different occasions to cut on her and her vital organs.  So why is dropping her off at a church preschool with people I know for only a few hours so scary?  I don't think it's that I am scared of leaving her.  I think I am just nervous she will think I am not coming back to get her and that she will feel left forever. 

I will probably be calling to check up on her just like I did when she was in the NICU.  Those poor teachers....  :)

Wish us luck!!!!

The Scott Family

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