Monday, September 10, 2012

The 3 Muskateers (and Eliza's 2nd birthday)

Saturday was Eliza's 2nd birthday!  We were so glad we could make the trip to Gymboree to celebrate her special day with her and her family and friends.  We were also happy to see Remi too at the party!  We sometimes refer to Eliza, Claire, and Remi as "The Muskateers" since they spent their first few months of life together as roommates at Duke's ICN.  As my mom said, these 3 will always have a special bond that no one else will share.  And that's wonderful!  I envision these girls being pen pals and friends for life.  They could even be college roommates one day!  :)
Here are some (giant) pictures from the exciting party!
Claire having fun!

Heather, Eliza, me, and Claire

Claire and Eliza

Remi (far left), Eliza (on slide), and Claire

Claire, Eliza (with blue ball), and Remi (pink skirt)

Claire's first time through a tunnel!

Claire decided to walk on the parachute

So her friends Remi and Eliza decided to join her!

Eliza (far left), Remi (middle), and Claire (running from camera)
Sharing between friends

Claire was excited about the hats but would not wear it of course.
I know we may not be able to be at every birthday party every year, but I hope that these girls (and parents) can all keep in touch as much as possible.  I love the connection they have. 

The Scott Family

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