Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catching up on Jaxson and Claire

Please continue to pray for Jaxson as today was a rough day for him and his family.  I was supposed to take his mom out to eat for lunch today but got a message early this morning that Jaxson had been moved to the PICU late last night due to his breathing and high blood pressure.  He also has another "bug" in his blood (a strep bug was found last week and now they are suspecting a "gram negative rod"?? bug this time in addition).  So they've added antibiotics, intubated him, done x-rays, added the dreaded replogle (that I despise with a passion), and have ordered an MRI.  

I did go visit his family today and just wanted to sit there and hug all of them, especially Amber.  They're all exhausted and worried.  My heart breaks for Amber as a mother.  And then those pieces break again into smaller pieces for my friend.  This just shouldn't be happening.  

Claire and I drew an orange ribbon (leukemia ribbon) this morning on her easel with some other drawings by Claire.  Then before I knew it, she was down the hall with the red crayon and created her first "wall art" on the wall by the back door.  :)

Lots of people have ordered different orange bracelets as a fundraiser for Jax.  Amber had ordered these herself below and gave me the one off her wrist today.  I think it's pretty indicative of what Jax is doing.  The inside says  I have to think that we are all choosing hope for him.  

Before I went to the hospital, Claire and I had fun outside in the 60 degree weather in January.  She got to wear her extra special shirt from Charlotte's mom.  It's perfect!  She saw it and said she had to buy it since it had a heart on it and also butterflies.  They use the butterfly as a symbol for Charlotte (remember Books for Charley?  That's the Charlotte I'm talking about).  Claire and Charlotte are "heart sisters" even though they never met and even though Charlotte is a heart angel now.  I truly believe she watches over Claire.

Then Claire tried on Daddy's boots.  She was not into it but I thought it was super cute!!  

Please continue the prayers!!!

The Scott Family

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