Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jaxson update 1-15-13

Jaxson seems to be doing better although he is still having fevers.  The labs still have not come back with any information on the 2nd infection.  The doctors said today they will start weaning him off the vent and the paralytics (may have done this today).  

Amber sent me this picture today and as soon as I saw it I started having flash backs of when Claire looked just like this after both of her surgeries.  Although the situations are different, my heart feels every emotion.  I really have a hard time explaining just how much my heart is aching for them.  

Please continue to pray for Jaxson as they wait for his white blood cells to increase back to 5,000 so they can start chemo treatment #2.  Prayers can work miracles.  

The Scott Family

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