Saturday, January 5, 2013

Update on Jaxson 1-5-13

Well, I was going to post a really cute picture of Jaxson and his momma but for some reason, blogger is not letting me upload any pictures at the moment.  I will try again later.

We went up to visit Jaxson this morning and his family.  He was adorable as ever, although it broke my heart to see him there knowing what he is facing.  I know he's a tough boy - he comes from good stock.  He will beat this I am sure. 

Jax was allowed to put a sleeper on today and he looked like it made him feel more comfortable.  While I was there, the attending came in and basically told Amber to get comfortable.  They were going to be there a while, a long while.  He had to get blood and TPN last night I believe because all of his levels were way off.  He also still has a fever so they drew blood to test for infection.  I believe the doctor said he did not have infection so the fever must be from the chemo.  So that's a "good" thing. 

Basically they will continue this round of chemo and hope to bring his white blood cells down to nothing.  This will make his immune system very, very weak.  Then they will sit and wait for the white blood cells to start rising again and they will start the next round of chemo.  At least this was my understanding as I was listening.  I also understood the possiblity of a bone marrow transplant could be possible, but I think it is a wait and see type thing.

They were able to give him some lasiks since he had gained 4 pounds of fluid in the past few days.  That helped get half of that off.  His face didn't look as swollen, but his body and legs did.  Hopefully that fluid will fall off soon.  I know it's miserable.

Jax fell asleep while we visited and looked peaceful.  He had one chemo push while we were there also and will have another round of chemo this afternoon. 

It breaks my heart so much for Jaxson and his family.  So many questions of "why?"  His momma even mentioned that it would have been better if the world had ended on the 21st of December like the Mayans thought would happen.  That shows me how much she hurts.  How none of this makes sense. 

Please continue to pray for him.

The Scott Family

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  1. Nixon and I have been praying for him and his family!!