Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jax update 1-20-13

I went up to visit Jax and his family yesterday.  Well, I don't really get to see Jax since he's still in the PICU but you know what I mean.  The doctors had removed the ventilator late Friday night and so that meant he was getting stronger!  Yay!  Amber seemed to feel much better this weekend than last weekend of course.  So we went out and got a really good cheeseburger for lunch since I had been promising to take her out to lunch since this all started.  It was nice to get out and visit.

As you can see from the picture, all he has now is the feeding tube.  I am sure he still has an IV or 2, but they were starting to remove some of those yesterday also.  And he also still has his port.  His WBCs were 600 as of yesterday when I asked Amber.  Jax is still congested so he is staying in PICU so they can do some testing tomorrow to see if they can figure out where and why he is congested.  They are hoping he can move back down to a regular peds room sometime this week if he stays on this track.

I am hoping to get up there again once he gets in a room that I can see him in, and we are planning to take some pictures with my big camera.

As you can see, your prayers are working.  And God is continuing to work His miracles of healing.

On another note, Claire goes to Duke Eye Center this week for her eye check up.  I hope it goes well and that everything looks good!!!  We may have to find that weird video again they had with the 4 stuffed animals over and over again.

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