Monday, March 28, 2011

First time rolling over

Claire is getting stronger and stronger each day!  Yesterday evening, we were working on our PT and I was teaching Claire how to roll from her back to her side to her belly.  She is getting better at balancing on her side, but not rolling on over to her belly.  So I rolled her to her belly for her.  Claire has gotten where she can really push her head up during tummy time.  Her little arms and head are really strong!  So I ran to take a picture of her pushing up.  I started praising her for doing that and the next thing I know, she had pushed herself over and rolled onto her back!  We tried again, but it just made her mad.  Once was enough for the day. 

before rolling over

after rolling over

We had a nice quiet weekend and got our broccoli planted on the farm and then hung around the house due to the weather.  I am starting to add the rice cereal back to Claire's formula in hopes it will keep her full during the night and maybe we can cut out the midnight feeding eventually.  We will see how it works! 

Also, not sure if I have shared this story or not on the blog.  I know some of you have heard it.  But the weekend before I went into labor, Trent and I participated in several activities including my brother and dad's birthday party, a children's consignment sale, and a farm tour on someone else's farm.  It was September 25-26 so I was just 6 months pregnant.  This was the weekend before I went to the doctor on Monday and had gained 10 lbs in 8 days (after I had only gained a total of 15 lbs in 6 months). 

Well, at the consignment sale I knew I felt bad and out of breath.  I had to sit down several times while browsing children's and maternity items.  Then I left and went to the birthday party.  I was so uncomfortable and after eating, basically wallered on my parents' couch in an effort to get comfortable.  I remember my family making remarks about how I looked like I felt really bad.  And I did.  My dad had taken pictures of us and one in particular of me showing off my belly that day.  We thought the pictures had been lost, but I found them on his computer this morning.  I have been searching for it because I wanted to see really how big I was. 

The next day, we went to the farm tour and I helped register people as they arrived.  I had SEVERAL people ask when I was due.  When I told them December 22nd, they just looked at me with a crazy look and said "wow, you look like you are due tomorrow!!"  I was appalled to say the least!  People, especially complete strangers. should NOT tell a pregnant woman that she looks like she is due any day now when she's just told you she has 3 more months to go!  I thought "geez, I know I don't look THAT pregnant, do I?!"

Well, you know the rest of the story of how 3 days later I was in pre-term labor.  Guess those people were right, huh?  I WAS due any day now, just not supposed to be!  Seriously, my belly felt like it doubled that weekend.  So I have really wanted to see those pictures from the birthday party for a while.  It's the last ones that were taken while I was pregnant except for the really great ones of me in the hospital in a hospital gown :(.  (We do have one of me a few hours before Claire was born since it was our 8 year anniversary, but that one is not going on the blog!!)

So here it is.  I guess after looking at it, I can see why people thought I was more than 6 months pregnant.  I carried Claire very low the entire pregnancy as you can tell.  Also, I notice how swayed my back looks in this picture.  No wonder I had severe back pain!  It's really kind of weird to even remember being pregnant.  Glad I have the pictures and especially CLAIRE to remember it by!

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  1. I am glad you had a few pics before you had to go to Duke. You really did look ab 8 mos preg. I am so sorry that the dr didnt realize something was wrong. We all kinda knew something wasnt right. But low and behold, Claire is doing great and is perfect. Looking towards the future. Go Claire!