Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Claire will be visiting Duke again this week for her first Special Infant Care Clinic (SICC) appointment.  Since Claire was a NICU baby, she will be followed up by the SICC where she will get to see a neonatologist (hopefully one who saw her while in the NICU) and will get a complete medical and neurological examination.  She will probably also be evaluated by a pediatric physical therapist.  That way if they think Claire has any developmental issues from being a preemie, they can set things up for her to help her.  

I have been told that these appointments last up to 4 hours which can be very draining on a baby.  Especially one that is having to travel 3 hours there and then another 3 hours home all in one day.  We are praying her visit goes well and that everything checks out perfectly! 

Today is Claire's last day of lasix and I am so glad.  She had done really well recovering from her heart surgery.  I weighed her again the other night and she weighed 11 lbs 4.5 oz.  She had a meltdown again last night when we got home, so no weight or bath last night!  I am hoping these crying spells will go away as quickly as they appeared.  Now that we know that she is not hurting or hungry or anything and that she is just crying and mad, then it makes it better for me.  When I didn't know, I was so flustered trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.  But now we expect each day between 4-7 pm that Claire will break out in screams for about 30 minutes and pitch a fit.  So we just walk around with her, talk to her, look in the mirror at how silly we look, etc.  It's funny - when Trent talks to her during her crying jag, she listens and gets quiet.  Me, on the other hand, she pays no attention to.  I  hope we are not starting a habit here already with listening to Daddy and not Mommy....

So wish us luck this week for a great appointment!  And pray these crying spells start to go away! :)


The Scott Family


  1. Sorry for the fussiness. PJ screamed every night from 11PM to 2AM for several weeks. I was ready to sell her

  2. Rebecca, I am in the same boat. Remi cries for me every day, but as soon as Dan looks at her she gets quiet and smiles. At first it broke my heart, thinking there was something wrote, but now that I know that she is just mad that she is with her mom I feel a little better. Don't get me wrong, I still hate to see her cry, but she has to get used to her momma lovin on her. We will continue to pray for Claire and you all. We hope she does better on the car rides too. We are almost through flu season and RSV! woo-hoo!!