Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teachable Moment

I totally understand that by posting things on the Internet is pretty much asking for criticism or advice or comments.  Totally understand.  So this morning when I read an email from a friend, I was not offended by her advice or comments.  I expect to receive these things.  But what the email was about really hit home for me.  Thoughts that ran through my head were "am I a bad mom?" or "what if something would have happened?" and "please God forgive me!" 

As I explained to her, I am a "little picture person" meaning I don't see the big picture most of the time.  You can probably see that from a lot of my blogs.  Thank God I have Trent who is a big picture person that helps me through all of my little picture moments! 

But this big picture moment was brought to me by a friend today.  The last two times we have carried Claire to Duke, we have had to drive home the last 30 minutes without her in the car seat due to her screaming and crying uncontrollably.  I am totally not a mom who likes to let her child cry - especially after all that she has been through.  I usually jump pretty quick when she cries.  So to have her cry so badly, it breaks my heart.  And I guess it clouds my judgment as well.  I should never have her in the car without properly being in a car seat.

I am also one of those people who knows how my luck is, but also thinks that crazy things will not happen to me.  You would think after the past year I would have realized by now that I should never say never.  So when it was brought to my attention that terrible accidents happen when babies are not in the car seat that can kill them or leave them seriously injured, it really hit me hard.  Yes, I know way back when, kids never rode in car seats "and we all survived!"  But when it's my responsibility to take the best care I can of Claire and protect her to the best of my ability, putting her safely in her car seat is best.

So, from now on, if you see us sitting at the ABC Store on Hwy 70 for hours at a time, or hear/see me walking around with a screaming baby around town in a parking lot, just know that I am waiting it out.  I will just have to sit there as long as it takes.  I am using this as a teachable moment not only for myself, but for others.  Thank God nothing terrible happened the 2 times that I did it.  But I am good at learning from my mistakes - lesson learned. 


The Scott Family


  1. You are a WONDERFUL mother! We have all done things we learn from and no mother or parent is perfect, or will ever be. Sometimes we do those things and think back, what did I just do? But learn from it and keep going. ALL mothers have something like that. You just keep up the good work mama bear!

  2. You are awesome! I know it is hard at times in the heat of the moment to think through what is happening but move on. .just remember, as she has learned about the dr and hospitals. She has also learned that if she cries you will take her out of that seat! Kids are smart! And learn quickly! We all have done things we look back at and think we would do it differently next time!