Saturday, March 12, 2011

The next best thing

Recently a lot of people have been really asking to see Claire.  They just can't wait!  And honestly, we just can't wait to be able to take her out in "public" for every one to see!  But we still have to be very cautious with Claire.  It's only been 2 1/2 weeks since she had her open heart surgery.  She still has an upcoming surgery in a few months.  It is still cold and flu season. 

So we are limited to where we take her.  Usually it's just to the doctors office, Duke, Granny and Big Daddy's house, or Grandma Neat-Neat's house.  So I figured I would try to get a cute video with my camera to post so you can see how active Claire is.  I guess a video of her is the next best thing to seeing her in person???

She was of course talking up a storm and as soon as I got my camera out, she stopped.  I think she's camera shy.  She just stares so seriously at the camera whenever I take it out.  No matter how funny or silly we act, she just stares at it.  Then as soon as I take it away, she smiles, talks, or does something cute.  So this is basically the 7th video I tried to take of her so she is just staring at the camera and then starts to get mad because she is tired of being videoed at this point!  Hope you enjoy!


The Scott Family

After much trying, I was able to finally get Claire to talk a little and even give you a little laugh!  Enjoy


  1. Thanks for sharing her via this adorable video! I don't blame you at all for limiting her contact. You have to do what's best for Claire and I know everyone understands.

  2. I don't blame you for trying to keep her well. I'm hearing the flu bug is a mess this year. Our preachers family has been sick now for two weeks and just can't seem to shake it. Do what you have to, to protect her and keep her well. Enjoyed the video!! She is precious! It's was good seeing you and Trent out tonight having a well deserved dinner. ~The McLawhorn's~