Monday, August 22, 2011


Claire was able to meet one of her BFFBB this weekend.  What is a BFFBB?  Best Friend Forever Before Birth - or otherwise known as "besties"  ;) !!!  Claire and Ava, along with Isabella, were BFFs before they were even born.  Isabella was due in April 2010, Ava was due October 2010 and Claire was due December 2010.  We knew Becky and Beth were pregnant at the same time, but didn't know that I was actually a few weeks pregnant when Isabella was born. 

Ava was supposed to be born way before Claire, but Claire decided she wanted to come first.  Becky and I had been at the birth of Beth's 2 children, and we had all planned that we would be there when Ava was born and they would be there when Claire was born.  It's just something we do.  But unfortunately Beth and Becky weren't able to be at Claire's birth because she came in the middle of the night.  And I wasn't able to be at Ava's birth since we were still at Duke when Ava was born. 

But anyways, we all thought these 3 girls would be playing together a lot this first year but with all of Claire's surgeries and everything, she's only met Isabella for a short time at church and then met Ava for the first time yesterday.  We went to a park in Kinston and had a great time!  Ava is getting so big!!  Although Claire and Ava are actually about the same size, I have a hard time "seeing" it.  I told Becky I think I still have this perception of Claire as so much smaller than she really is.  Is this a normal preemie mom thing??  Or just me?

Anyways the girls played and Becky and I got to catch up.  It was really nice.  It makes me see that I have to get Claire out to visit friends more.  She really needs that interaction.  So I am on a mission to schedule her some play dates!  My mom might not be so excited, or maybe she will be so they can get out!  I am hoping to get some scheduled during the week too so it's not just on the weekends. 

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.  It was a task trying to get them to both look at the same time! 

I hope Becky got some good pictures with her nice camera!!! 

On another note, Claire's top 2 teeth are coming in!  The right one is already through the gum.  We have a cardiology check up this week at Duke.  I am praying it goes well.  If so, we won't have to go back for 6 months! 

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