Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The mystery of the gallbladder

Duke has this really neat website portal where you can go and view your lab and radiology results and other things.  So I went on there today to see if the radiology reports were on there from Claire's visit last week.  Immediately, my eyes scan down the report to read about the remaining cyst and its size.  No surprises there.  In the next line down I read:  "The gallbladder has been surgically removed."  I stopped, read it again and again.  "The gallbladder has been surgically removed." 

First I make sure I am reading Clarie's report and not mine since my gallbladder HAS been removed.  I scanned the rest of the report and down at the bottom, it has basically a summary of the report.  There again it says that the ultrasound was done "post right hepatectomy and cholecystectomy."  I knew about the right hepatectomy, but a cholecystectomy???????? 

I even went and asked a co-worker if I was reading the report right before I called the surgeons office.  I left a message for the surgeon to call me back and let me know if she really did remove Claire's gallbladder and I just didn't know it, or if it was a mistake on the radiographers/ultrasound techs part.  I am hoping the latter. 

I know the surgeon did an appendectomy while in there for the liver surgery, but honestly don't remember anything being said about a gallbladder removal.  I am thinking it's a mistake in the radiology report....

So where exactly is Claire's gallbladder??????  We don't know at this point!  Stay tuned for updates as hopefully I will hear from the surgeon soon.  I am sure she will straighten the mystery out for us!  :)

The Scott Family


  1. They just cleaned her out so nothing could act "funny" later I guess. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for participating in my blog linking event. I just read Claire's story and what a journey you have all been on with her. Praying for all of you!