Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The mystery has been solved!

I was wrong!  Claire does NOT have her gallbladder.  The surgeon called yesterday and as sure as I was that she was going to tell me it was a mistake on radiology's part, she did not.  She explained that she did remove Claire's gallbladder as it sits right there with the right lobe of her liver.  And the right lobe of the liver basically is the main source of blood supply to the gallbladder.  So without an entire right lobe, the gallbladder would not get any blood.  So it had to come out. 

So not only did Claire have the 3 surgeries that I knew she had (liver resection, inversion appendectomy, and 2 inguinal hernias repaired), she also had her gallbladder removed.  No wonder the child had a harder time recovering from that surgery than her open heart surgery!  It took me a solid week to recover when I had my gallbladder removed laproscopically at age 25.  Bless her heart!!!!

It's weird though that each day at rounds, it was never mentioned that her gallbladder had been removed.  Even if we had not caught it on the day of surgery, I would think we would have caught it that week afterwards.  Who knows.  Maybe the removal of the gallbladder is encompassed with the terms right hepatectomy.

So anyways, we don't have to worry about Claire having an appendicitis or gallbladder attacks when she's older.  Ruling out 2 more possible surgeries!!!  YAY!

To catch up on other things - Emma came home late last week and will have to go back this week for another swallow study.  Please keep her in  your prayers.  I haven't heard how Claire Elizabeth is doing lately. 

Also, we have collected about 45 books for the Books for Charley event!!!!!  That is great!  Thank you to all who have participated!  If you still want to donate, please do so by the end of August. 

Claire is continuing to roll everywhere.  She is starting to look like she will be scooting backwards sooner than later.  Trent says she is now "snuggly size" which means she is big enough to snuggle in the bed with us in the mornings!  Before now, she was just so small that she'd get lost in the mattress.  Claire "claps" sometimes or what looks like clapping.  She also loves watching the news and Wheel of Fortune.  I think with the news, she loves the music that plays and on Wheel she likes the colors of the wheel spinning.  And WOF comes on right after the news, so that's why it's on! 

As you know, we participated in the "Every Heart Has a Story" blog event yesterday.  After reading some of the other heart mom's blogs out there, I realize just how fortunate we have been with Claire.  Even though it's been tough, others out there have it much, much harder than we ever have.  It really makes me appreciate the small things over and over. 

Claire helped me cook supper last night with her spatula as seen below.  She did an excellent job!  ;)

The Scott Family

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