Friday, August 31, 2012

Preschool Open House

Yesterday was Claire's very first preschool open house.  To say I was emotional is an understatement.  Next week when I actually have to leave her will be a whole other story.  Claire will be in preschool 2 mornings a week to get her into learning social skills and interacting with other children more.  We are excited for her to start! 
Claire will be going to the same church preschool that I went to 30 years ago.  And that her aunts and uncle went to too.  It's a good preschool and small which I like.  There are only 6 kids in Claire's class and that includes Claire.  I think she will be the oldest maybe but if you go off of her adjusted age, she's right in the middle of the other kids' birthdays.  So it should work out well. 
Claire has 2 teachers - Mrs. Caroline and Mrs. Dana.  Granny Mary taught this same class with Mrs. Caroline for several years.  I think there will be 4 boys, Claire, and one other little girl who will only be there one day a week in Claire's class.  So she will have to show those boys who's boss! 
She did well at open house.  I was nervous she was going to hit someone or throw something at another child while their parents were watching yesterday.  But she played nice.  No snatching, throwing, or temper tantrums. 
Getting ready to head inside!

"A Star is Born"

She loves this kitchen set

Claire and Mrs. Caroline

Claire and Mrs. Dana

Snack time

Claire's basket for her school work
Yes I took a picture of her hook for her bag

Prayer that they will work on learning every day
We are excited to see this new chapter start for Claire.  It's so hard to believe she's old enough for preschool!!  But thank God that she is here and ready to play!

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