Sunday, October 21, 2012

Party Time

Yesterday, we were able to attend 2 parties!  One to celebrate Ava's 2nd birthday and one to celebrate Halloween.  I didn't take many pictures at Ava's party as I was busy the whole time chasing Claire around the yard.  But we had lots of fun and she actually got inside the bouncy house and liked it!

After a nap, Claire got ready for the Halloween party at the Stimsons.   She was excited!  She even went on the Spooky Trail!  We got more pictures at this party because Daddy was there to man the camera.  They go all out every year and decorate beyond imagination.  I just love it!!!



We had a blast and it wore us all out!  Claire slept until 7:40 am today which is a RECORD!  :)  We need to party more often I guess!
The Scott Family

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