Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Pop Tarts

Today at preschool, Claire was able to celebrate her birthday with her new friends.  Parents can elect to bring in cupcakes, cookies, cake, brownies, etc. for the kids to celebrate.  So since you know we just have to be different than any other child in the fact that Claire is not a huge fan of cake (she only eats it when she wants to – obviously she gets this from the fact that when I was pregnant with her, I didn’t want to touch a piece of cake with a 10 foot pole and that is highly unlike me on a normal basis).  Anyways, I tried to think of some kind of treat that Claire really likes.   Since it was celebrating her birthday and all, why would I send cupcakes or cookies when she probably wouldn’t even touch hers. 
So, besides M&Ms which are one of her favorite treats, I tried to think of something unique to her.  Something that she squeals with excitement when she sees the shiny foil wrapper because she knows what is inside.  Something that was easy clean up so the teachers would be happy about not cleaning up mounds of icing off the floor and everyone’s face.  Something people would remember they had enjoyed just for Claire’s birthday.  And I came up with the perfect birthday celebration treat!  Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts! 
I eat these Pop Tarts every morning.  So on the weekends when Claire and I get to eat breakfast together, she gets so excited when she sees the foil wrapper to the Pop Tart on the kitchen table.  She squeals with delight because she knows I will break the edges off of my Pop Tarts and give them to her.  Little does she know that I am getting the really good part with the chocolate fudge.   Well, she may have figured that out now that I am sure they gave her fudge-y parts today in preschool.  
So when I picked Claire up today from preschool on the whiteboard describing what the kids ate for snack today it said “Birthday Pop Tarts”!  And the teachers said the kids LOVED them!  I apologized to one mom and grandmother picking up their child/grandchild that they had enjoyed chocolate today for snack.  I hope they didn’t mind! 
Here are a few pictures from the party that the teachers took with my camera.  A substitute teacher there today also mentioned that she took some good pictures with her big camera and that she would email them to me so I am really excited about that.  I guess pictures are the next best thing to actually being there. 
We are getting really excited about the celebration this weekend!  I can’t wait!  But I can hardly believe our sweet baby girl will be two years old.  Sigh. 

The Scott Family

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  1. yay! I love that last picture :-) she's so cute