Monday, October 1, 2012

Playdate with Peyton and Parker

We had a great time playing with Peyton and Parker this weekend.  They came over to check out Claire's new swing set and to have the play date that their mom and I have been trying to plan for a while!  You will remember me talking about Parker last year and asking for prayers for Parker.  Look how good he looks!  He was born with IUGR and is getting bigger and bigger!  He is crawling now and is super cute! 

We had fun learning a lot from Peyton.  Claire learned about bean socks, finding Jesus in the sand, and the appropriate time to say "awwwwkwarrrdd....".  Claire played really well and even went over to Peyton and Parker's mom a few times and let her touch and hold her.  Seriously preschool is working wonders! 

To take this picture below of all 3 of them, Carrie had to sing "Happy Birthday" and Claire had to have her snowman that sings "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" so we had a mixture of birthday and Christmas music going on.....  along with some bean socks. 

Peyton, Parker, and Claire (and the bean socks)

Parker and Peyton enjoying the new swings

Parker was having so much fun!

Claire and Parker
It was great to get to see Claire and Parker together as they are both babies who have had to struggle just to survive.  Parker is truly a miracle as his parents were told on many occasions that he would never be born alive or live long if he was born alive.  What a miracle he is!!! 

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