Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dr. Claire

One day last week when we got home, there was a package waiting.  I tried to remember if I had ordered something and just forgot about it.  But when I looked at the box, it was, of course, addressed to Claire. 

So after supper we sat down to open the package and much to our surprise was this awesome medical kit!  Right then I remembered when we last visted Dr. Rachel that she asked if Claire had a doctor's kit or not.  And when I read the note inside it said:

"For little Dr. Claire.  Hope this helps for our future checkups.  :) Love, Dr. Rachel"

Yay!  This means that eventually we will be seeing Dr. Rachel as Claire's doctor.  I told Trent that and he said I just had to tell Dr. Rachel that she was never allowed to leave Duke and that she always had to be Claire's doctor and not give her a choice.  So there.  ;)

Super excited!  I also wonder if her bear ("ba ba beaaaaaaar") will become her patient one day. 

Trying out all of my gear.  Taking my temperature.  Wearing my stethoscope. 

"Come here Momma and let me fix your boo boo with this bandaid!!!"

Well, at least she was super duper excited about the medical paraphanalia.  I hope we can play with it often before and after appointments to get her more comfortable with doctor appointments.  The child life specialist that we gave the books to last week also sent me some great information and suggestions on workin/playing with Claire to get her more comfortable with appointments too. 

Maybe she will be Dr. Claire one day.  Who knows?!?

The Scott Family


  1. What an awesome Doctor!!!! Claire is adorable and what a wonderful idea! We will be getting one of those!

  2. Sooo fun! I had a set just like that when I was little :) Claire's hair is beautiful!