Friday, June 8, 2012

Sights and Sounds

You never know what you might find wandering around...

A random wild/domesticated turkey showed up at Trent's shop the other day.  We still haven't found it's original owners, but have found it a new home with cousins Connor and Anna.  Claire kept calling it a chicken...  :)

We went downtown last weekend for Neuse River Day and ran into an alpaca named Buddy.  Claire liked him and she touched his nose!

We also ran into Connor and Anna down at the river front waiting to meet Super Why and Woofster.  They made awesome Super Why and Princess Pea masks!

Claire and Connor met Super Why and Woofster.  All Claire wanted to do was touch the dog's fur. 

Our beautiful Steel Magnolia...  The magnolia trees are in full bloom and smell and look wonderful!

She was not super excited about riding on the tractor with Daddy this day.....  I think it was because it was loud.  This is Claire's great granddaddy's tractor. 

And Mimi and Grandpa got a new puppy!

The Scott Family

PS - check out the story about Claire from Charlotte's mom here:

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