Monday, June 25, 2012

Liver ultrasound results

Claire's liver ultrasound results were posted online today.  Although I haven't heard anything yet from the surgeon letting me know for sure that everything looks ok, from what I can read, it seems that Claire's liver looks normal with no cysts ("without definite focal hepatic lesions")!  Thank God!  Not sure about the normal size of a common bile duct or if Claire's is abnormal according to this.  Here are the official results below. 

Thank you for praying with us for good results (or at least I think I am reading that these are good results!)!

The Scott Family

Liver ultrasound dated June 19, 2012
Indication: 20-month-old female with history of mesenchymal hamartoma the
liver status post resection
Comparison: December 7, 2011 and CT scan dated April 13, 2011
Findings: Status post right hepatectomy without perihepatic fluid
collections seen. Remaining liver is normal in echotexture without
definite focal hepatic lesions. No intrahepatic or extrahepatic biliary
ductal dilatation. The common bile duct measures 1 mm in greatest
diameter. Gallbladder surgically absent.
Limited views of the right kidney reveal no pelvicaliectasis. The right
kidney measures 6.5 cm, within normal limits for age.
Normal sonographic appearance of the remaining liver status post right

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