Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New things around the house

Claire is literally growing up right before our eyes.  Sometimes I forget and still see her as a tiny infant.  And I sometimes seem to ignore the fact that as she gets bigger and older, she needs new things.  Don't get me wrong, Claire does not get a bunch of toys or lots of new things all of the time.  Just when she needs them.  We can't afford to buy something new every time we go to the store.  But it's kind of like she hit a growth spurt here recently and needed some "upgrades"! 

UPGRADE #1:  New seating arrangements

We noticed Claire was getting quite "stuffed" in her current high chair.  I don't know why, but the high chair we picked out is somewhat smaller than the one my mom has and the one Trent's mom has.  So Claire was fitting tightly in the high chair so we knew it was time to start looking for a booster seat.  I asked opinions on Facebook and got an overwhelming response on the Prince Lionheart booster seat.  So I ordered that one and installed it last week.  Claire seems to like it I think.  I just need to find a place mat that I can stick to the table some how so she doesn't fling the whole thing and her food off of the table.  One thing she doesn't like is that her view to the TV is now obstructed by me sitting beside her. 

UPGRADE #2:  New sprinkler arrangements

Then my mom found these cheap sprinklers at Big Lots and bought us one for our house.  Claire loves water and the sprinkler is so much fun.  I figured out she liked it when we had the hole in the water hose and she spent 30 minutes in that spraying water back on Memorial Day.  So we hooked our new sprinkler up Saturday and she played in it for a little while until she tripped and fell face first in the grass.  So much for that. 

UPGRADE #3:  New swimming arrangements

At my granddaddy's birthday party, Caba's mom, Brittany, told us about a "puddle jumper".  I had not heard of it and figured they probably didn't sell them around here (since they are from the Outer Banks, I figured they had specialty floats for kids there).  She explained they were 2 swimmies attached by a floatation thing that helped kids learn to swim and she suggested that since Claire loved water so much that she would probably benefit from having a puddle jumper float/swimmie thing.  Low and behold, as I was walking through the New Bern Walmart Friday, there were some puddle jumpers!  So I quickly grabbed one up with a ladybug theme for Claire.  There were not many left on the shelf.  I knew she wouldn't use her baby float from last year because it was to restrictive.  So I figured I would try this and see how she liked it.  (I was trying to take a picture of her and hold her all at the same time.  Kind of hard. And you can see the grass still on her face from the sprinkler incident).

Claire and I jumped in the pool.  I wasn't sure how long it would last because she had been somewhat fussy that afternoon.  But as soon as she hit the water, her attitude changed!  She was super excited!  I wish someone had been there to videotape her.  She was swimming like a little fish.  I supported her under her belly and she kicked her feet and paddled her arms just like she was swimming as we sang Elmo songs.  I tried to get out and take a break after 30 minutes, and she freaked out.  So we got back in and she swam another 30 minutes.  LOVED IT!  Below is my best attempt at a picture of us both in the water without dropping Claire or the camera.  hahahaha :)  Thank you Caba and Brittany for suggesting the puddle jumper!  It was a success!!!!  I highly recommend it.  Well worth the money even if she only used it for that one day. 

Hopefully since it is going to be 100 degrees this coming weekend, we can cool off again in our pool.  And I hope to have the video camera and my little camera ready if she has as good of a time again.  I think swimming lessons will be a breeze for this water baby. 

The Scott Family

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