Friday, June 1, 2012

Some things never change

You may remember this post from last August ( about Hurricane Irene and the damage is caused.  Below is a picture of the front of Trent's Granddaddy's house after the hurricane.  Trent and Grandma Neat Neat (and several others) have worked really, really hard to get this house back in shape.  I actually think it's in better shape than it has been in since it was built! 

We rent this house out and as we were finishing it up, we were trying to figure out who was going to rent it.  It couldn't be just anybody.  It's right on our farm, a few feet from Trent's greenhouse, shop, and all of his equipment.  Plus it was his grandparent's house.  Fortunately, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Colby were looking for a place to rent in the area and this was the perfect place!  Yay for all of us!!!!  They get a nice house and some land and we get them only 1 mile from our house! 

Claire and I stopped in to visit this past weekend and I had to get her picture on this very same porch.  She is sitting between the front door and the first window on the right.  Looks great doesn't it!? 

But as I said in the title of the post, some things never change.  Anyone who has lived in Rhems long enough can remember Trent's Granddaddy pretty much lived on this front porch in his last few years as his legs were just unable to get him far.  He was somewhat homebound so he thoroughly enjoyed sitting out here and watching the cars go by.  He lived on a major highway (this same place) his whole life and had seen the road go from dirt and gravel with horse and carts to blacktop asphalt and cars gallore. 

Trent's Dad had even bought him one of those manual counter things that you press the button and it turns a number so he could "count" the cars daily.  Some days, he would count all of the cars.  Some days he would only count red cars.  Other days, he would only count trucks.  It gave his mind something to do and he would report his findings to us. 

So as Claire sat on her Great Granddaddy's porch this weekend, she was "counting" cars too.  He would be so proud of her!  And of the way his house looks and the good people living there. 

The Scott Family

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