Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's counting?

Claire's is!!!!

Claire has started counting.  She usually starts with three, then four, five, eight, and nine.  Today she added two, six, and seven in there.  It is so cute I smile everytime! 

As you hear in the video, she says three really loud (kind of like BEEEEE).  Then four is really sweet with a huge inflection (this number is the funniest).  Five is kind of just five.  Eight is usually as forceful as three.  And nine can either be just nine or can be ninenananana.  She says her numbers like this every single time.  I love it! 

She randomly breaks out counting kind of like she used to randomly break out in animal sounds.  She used to quack herself to sleep some nights.  Now she counts.  Maybe she is counting sheep.........

The Scott Family

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