Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Trent and Claire had fun on Father's Day as you can see from the picture below!  We enjoyed spoiling Daddy with home made deer sausage biscuits for breakfast and going to church together.  He also got to open his gift Claire made for him.  We went to Accidental Artist a few weekends ago and she helped make this grill platter for Trent.  Her foot print is the "steak" and her hand print is Trent's face and crown as he is "King of the Grill".  I have seen this platter in AA for a long time and have always wanted to make it. So it was a lot of fun!  My grill is slightly weird, but hey, it's the thought that counts.  We also enjoyed lunch at my parent's house and had spaghetti for my Dad since that is one of his favorite dishes. 

I am so glad that Trent is Claire's Da Da.  He loves her more than I think he ever thought he could love a child.  She brings a smile to his face every time he sees her.  He will actually let me take a picture of him when he is with Claire (which anyone who knows him knows he HATES pictures).  Claire is the apple of his eye and they have a special bond together.  And Claire loves him more than he will ever know as well.  The first thing out of her mouth almost every morning is "Da Da".  She just can't wait to see him every day! 

Being a Dad to a child who has been through so much like Claire has can really change your perception of life.  And I think she has done that to him. 

The Scott Family

PS - Pray that Claire has a great check up at Duke today!  She will be visiting SICC to check for development (based on her corrected age of about 18 months) and will also have a liver ultrasound to see how her liver is growing and if any new cysts have appeared. 

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