Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Changes happening and prayers needed

Things are changing.  Claire is changing.  She is growing up so fast.  And with growing up, transitions are taking place.  I can’t say that I am happy or sad – I feel like I am both.  It just seems so bittersweet sometimes. 
For example, I have always rocked Claire to sleep at night.  It’s kind of our quiet time together.  It’s when we pray together and I pray over her.  It’s the only time during the day that I can hold her for longer than 10 seconds at a time without her squirming out of my arms.  It’s a time that I reflect on things and thank God for blessing us with Claire and for blessing her. 
Well the over the past 2 weeks I have noticed that some nights Claire wants to be rocked, some nights she can’t decide if she wants to be rocked, and other nights she just wants me to put her in her crib so she can waller herself to sleep on her own.  Now while I am happy that she is learning to soothe herself to sleep on her own at night, I am also sad that I am starting to lose that snuggle time with her. 
Like last night, she actually let me rock her and sing to her for a few minutes.  Then she popped her head up, slithered out of my arms, reached for and grabbed my hand, and led me over to the crib waiting to be lifted into it.  I put her in the crib and she laid down and played with her musical elephant and put herself to sleep.   I am proud of Claire for being able to do that and I know that is what we want her to do.  I am just being selfish and sad that I am starting to miss out on our snuggles and cuddles. 
So as things transition in our house and Claire continues to grow into a toddler rather than a baby, I am sure I will continue to miss those little baby needs and things.  And I am having to learn to adapt and change myself. 
PS – Please keep the Mills family in your thoughts and prayers.  Their unborn son has been diagnosed with some problems and they need lots of prayers.  Also keep baby Evan in your prayers.  He had his open heart surgery yesterday and needs prayers for a quick and easy recovery.
The Scott Family

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  1. Will be keeping the Mills family in my prayers. I hear ya on kids growing up and making changes. It's a good thing but it is something us mamas sometimes tear up about because we love those cuddle moments. They are gone so fast!