Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Claire REALLY enjoyed her very first Vacation Bible School at Centenary UMC!  She stayed in the nursery room and got to play with friends.  She started to learn how to sit at the table for snack and to share toys with other kids. 

Thanks to Granny Mary, Aunt Amanda, and Marisa, we have these pictures from the first 4 days.  Unfortunately, Claire came down with a 103 fever Thursday night due to an ear infection so she stayed home Friday.  But I think this was a good practice for preschool that starts in just ONE month!!! 

Day One:
I love this picture! 

She likes opening and closing the cabinets on the play kitchen just like at home in the real kitchen.

Day Two:

Kitchen time again!

Outside on playground making music

Day Three:

Granny said Claire liked crawling through this tunnel a lot.

So much so that it wore her out and she fell asleep at VBS!

Day Four:

Running through the sanctuary during music time!

Checking out the organ in the sanctuary.  Waiting for Uncle Colby to come play a song.

Where's Waldo/Claire?

Artwork - Goldfish and Lobster.  VBS theme was something to do with oceans.

A real live sea turtle from NC Aquarium.  As you can see, Claire did not like him. 

"Giiiiirrrll, did you see what she was wearing????......................."   (snack time!  This picture cracks me up!)

More snack time.  Practicing sitting at the kid table like everyone else. 

I am so glad Granny and Aunt Amanda were able to take Claire to VBS this year.  She really enjoyed herself and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of her having fun!  We are really working at getting Claire around more kids so she can learn to interact and play with them.  If you are interested in a play date, let me know and I will put you on Claire's Play Calendar!! 

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