Monday, August 6, 2012

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

Does this look like a little girl with hand-foot-mouth disease??

Well it is!  Along with the ear infection, the high fever she had Thursday was also associated with HFM.  She has lesions on her feet and in her mouth, but haven't seen any on her hands yet. They just popped up Saturday night after we had fun at our pool party.  She didn't act like anything was bothering her.  Then we found all the blisters on her feet and between her toes.  Of course she wouldn't let me see inside her mouth.  But when we went back to the pediatrician Sunday, they looked and saw lots of lesions in her mouth. 

She even has a rash all over her body.  You can kind of see the little red bumpy rash all over her legs. 

Blisters on the bottom of her feet.

Hopefully she will be better soon!  I had to cancel all of her play dates this week!  :(

The Scott Family


  1. It must be going around. Lainey has it too. Maybe they'll build up an immunity to it before they go to preschool. :-)

  2. It is totally going around! My middle daughter, Rylee, just had it! It's pretty bad! I am so glad that Mylah didn't get it, but she did end up with Roseola! :/ Glad to see Claire is doing better!