Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friends for life

Monday evening, my high school best friend Leslie came to visit along with 2 of her children.  To say I was super excited is an understatement.  We were supposed to get together last Saturday, but I was afraid Claire was still contagious from the hand foot mouth disease so we rescheduled to meet this past Sunday.  Well Sunday was the day full of storms and Claire's tantrums.  I am not a good driver in the rain so I didn't want to risk driving on Hwy 43 to Winterville in the storms.  Leslie agreed to come to our house Monday afternoon and I was so grateful. 

Leslie and I have been friend since high school.  I was adding it up in my head tonight and I think we have been friends for almost 20 years.  Over the years we have lost touch and then fallen right back into each others lives again.  She has moved half way across the country, but gets to come back to NC to visit her family, so we try to get together then. 

Through God's divine intervention, Leslie was in NC the week Claire was born.  She was actually down visiting family and her uncle who was dying of cancer at Duke.  She found out by chance that I had been admitted to Duke in premature labor and showed up at my bedside either Wednesday or Thursday night after I was admitted.  I can't remember because I was so doped up on mag sulfate.  But I remember her being there and holding my hand and praying with and for me and Claire.  It meant the world to me. 

She came back to Duke on October 5th and I was more alert then.  She was there around 9 pm that night and visited for a while.  Little did we know Claire would be born only a few hours later.  I wish she could have been there to meet Claire that night.  But she was back on a plane that morning to Minnesota. 

So today was the first time Leslie was able to meet Claire and that did my heart good.  We caught up on life (she's had her 3rd child since we saw each other almost 2 years ago at Duke) like we had never missed a beat.  It was a lot different this time as we entertained our children and talked at the same time.  I miss my friend and cannot wait until she and her family move back to Winterville.  Maybe it will be sooner than later. 

Leslie is one of those life long friends that you can always count on.  She's always been someone I admired for being true to herself and her faith.  I look up to her and hope that we can always remain in touch and good friends and raise our children together as friends.  And one of these days we will get our husbands together because we just know they are so much alike and would hit it off!!

I thank God for friends like her. 

The Scott Family

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