Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rained out

Saturday, we tried to go to the playground at Granny and Big Daddy's church to play.  But we could only stay about 15 minutes before a black cloud rolled up and a storm was coming.  Claire had fun while we were there, except she doesn't like the sand.  

I knew she needed to get more energy out so we headed to the mall.  Our mall never has people in it so I knew she could run free!  She ran up and down the mall about 45 minutes until I was sweating and she kept falling because she was tired.  She even ran along some of the mall walkers.  I think she provided some entertainment for them!

The only time she stopped was when she ran infront of TJ Maxx.  She would just stop and stare into the store.  She wouldn't go in.  But it was like it amazed her with all the stuff in there. 

So atleast she got to "play" a little bit.  New Bern really needs some indoor play places for small kids. 

The Scott Family

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