Monday, April 11, 2011

Birth Announcement

We just now sent out Claire's birth announcements!  And we only sent out a handful since they were delayed.  But here it is for everyone to enjoy!

Also, my grandparents sent us a very sweet card and I thought it was special enough to put on the blog:

"If" for Little Girls

If she enchants you from the moment that her life begins,
If she amuses you for hours with her giggles and her grins...
If she's the center of attention anywhere that you may go,
If she still looks like an angel even when she's saying "no"...
If she's the cutest, sweetest baby that you're sure you've ever seen,
If she knows just what she likes and rules your household like a queen...
If she's the laughter and the joy that always give you heart a lift,
Then you surely know a baby girl is life's most precious gift.


The Scott Family

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